Welcome to the Site!

What’s up everybody, and welcome to the new home base of the Chris and Dan Podcast!

This has been a long time coming, and we’re excited to finally have a website where listeners can find all of our content in one place.

It’s not overly glamorous or groundbreaking in its design or function, but it’s going to be a gigantic help for us, and hopefully for you, too!

We’ve had a lot going on over the last month or so, and we’re super excited that things have been growing enough to present us with some new and exciting opportunities. To catch everyone up to speed, here is a quick list of new additions to the podcast.


  1. We now have a website
  2. We’re now on SoundCloud
  3. We have social media accounts for the show
  4. Our brand spawned a new show: the Brunch Breakdown

And now for some more detail on each…

  1. Welcome to our website! This was explained above, so no need to rehash. Welcome!
  2. We’ve teamed up with SoundCloud, which will serve as our primary host for all of our episodes. “Follow” us on SoundCloud as a way to get all of our episodes the minute they are released! (Don’t worry, we’re still on iTunes, too. You can find that link in the menu bar above.)
  3. Another something that’s long overdue… We now have a Twitter account and Facebook account for the Chris and Dan Podcast! Give us a “follow” and a “like” and please tell a friend or two! It helps us grow and will help us continue working towards some bigger goals we have.
  4. We’ve launched a new show! This has been in the works for a long time now, and we’re super excited the Brunch Breakdown podcast is a real thing. Dan and I, along with radio superstar extraordinaire and Wellsburg, West Virginia, native “til I die” Daniel Dudley, will be bringing you the Brunch Breakdown monthly, as a mash up of all kinds of topics. It will dip into sports, but likely include a heavier dose of entertainment, which can really branch out to anything that’s random and funny we wanna talk about.

In addition, we now have an email account for the podcast (chrisanddanpodcast@gmail.com), which we’d like to use for a number of different functions. First off, it will serve as a primary business contact point for all of the affiliations we currently have, along with future endeavors. Additionally, we’d love to use this to get feedback from fans — either feedback on the show itself, or feedback on what’s going on in the sports world that we can include in our show! Twitter is one of our favorite places to talk sports, but unfortunately 140 characters often doesn’t offer enough space to effectively get the point across. Email should help with that!

An email address isn’t very “sexy” when compared to the other stuff we’ve got going on, so sadly so we left it off the main list.

That about sums it up for everything that’s been going on, and everything that’s new and exciting with the podcast!

As for this website, it can be your landing spot for really anything that’s going on with the podcast. Anything that we produce will end up on our site, and everything else that we are affiliated with or offer can be found here as well.

You can find quick links to our other accounts and affiliations in the top menu bar. You can also find playlists for each topic that we cover in the right sidebar.

We plan to provide much more than just our podcast episodes, though. Dan and I will regularly blog here about anything and everything going on in sports. The website will also provide us greater ability to coordinate events (such as Pitt Twitter Tailgate) and other events, like our Bowl Pick ‘Em Spectacular and more.

We can’t thank you guys enough for listening to the show. We’ve been going at this for just about six months now, and the response has been overwhelming. We’ve already received a bunch of opportunities, and we hope we can grow this thing to be even bigger over time.

We have a lot of plans and goals for the podcast — bigger picture items for down the road — and so far we’re off to a great start in making those a reality.

Again, thanks so much! We’ll be back at you soon with more.


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