Big News for the Podcast!

What’s up everybody?!

Just wanted to touch base here on the blog really quick and let you in on a few new, exciting ways you can access our podcast!

We have been approved to be part of both the Google Play and Stitcher families!

Now all of our episodes will be available via both of those platforms, along with our existing partners at iTunes and SoundCloud.

Stitcher is one of the fastest growing on-demand radio apps on the market. The app is free and the content is great, so definitely download it and find us on Stitcher!

Google Play is one of the more popular apps for media consumption on the Android market. Again, it’s free, so definitely download it and find us there, too! Especially if you’re an Android user.

We’re constantly trying to make our podcast as accessible as possible, so we’re super excited we’ve been approved to be part of both of these platforms. If there’s anywhere else that you like to listen to our podcast, please let us know! We’ll do our best to accommodate.

As always, thanks so much if you listen. We have a blast with this thing and hope you do, too!


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