Be on our podcast this fall!

What’s up everybody?! “Chris and Dan, comin’ back atcha with another…” whatever this is stupid and corny let’s get right to it.

We’re getting super pumped for football season, which is just around the corner! With training camps starting up, we’re looking forward to getting to work on a few new things we’ve been planning since last season ended for Pitt and the Steelers.

One of those new things involves you. Or, at least that’s what we hope!

This podcast was our idea because we’re fans, and all of you are fans. So why not talk about Pittsburgh sports and avoid all the media bullshit? Well, we’ve got a year under our belts now and wanna do more cool stuff that doesn’t involve jaded views on sports, constant pessimism, and the fan bashing that you’ll hear from each and every media outlet in town.

Rather, we want to include your voice on the podcast. We (Me and Dan — I am Chris and I’m writing this) are two fans that watch the games and say what we think and also power rank things like cheeses and musical theater. What we want, if you’re interested (???), is for you to send us your own clips so we can add you into the podcast!

During football season we record two episodes a week for both Pitt football and the Steelers. One is a preview, and the other is a reaction to that week’s game.

We’d really like the reaction episode each week to include instant reaction from you.

The process would be quite simple. Use any type of free voice recording app you want, record a quick rant on the game, and email it to us.

Voila! We’ll edit it into the episode, and it will be freaking fun.

Yes, it will require a little work on your part (that’s the speaking part, and then the emailing part). But we think it will be really fun, and we hope you think so, too! At least enough to give it a shot.

We make nothing off this podcast. That’s right. None money.

Actually, we lose money on it. Sometimes a lot of money.

We’ve actually got a big idea when it comes to money, too. We won’t make any in the future, but we still hope to do something special in the process that’s bigger than anything in sports talk. Be on the lookout for more on that in the future.

But who cares. We do this for fun.

So if you’re interested, shoot us an email at and let us know! If you have any questions, feel free to include them. We’ll be plugging this each week, so make sure you’re following our social media channels, too.

Thanks for reading. And if you listen, thank you for that, too. We have so much damn fun doing this thing every week. You playing along makes it what it is!

Hail to Pitt. Here we go Steelers.

Football season. You are everything.

Let’s talk!


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