What’s Next?

What’s up everybody!?

Chris here. I wanted to take a second and touch base on the changes we’ve made to the podcast in recent days, as well as where we’re going in the future.

First off, the immediate changes…

Dan and I really appreciate everyone that took time out to provide feedback via our online form. We got some super valuable responses, and can’t stress enough how much that means to us and has helped us.

Before we sent that form out, we had some conversations about where we’re headed in the future. Obviously, this is a low budget/no budget podcast, so we’ve got to make things work on our end as well.

We have been recording A TON of episodes. Nearly 200 in less than a year and a half. It’s been a ton of fun, and we want to make sure we keep going in the future. However, I’m not gonna lie… some weeks it’s a little too much.

You might know that we host a second podcast, the Brunch Breakdown, every two weeks. With that and all the sports stuff going on in the fall (and other times of the year) it can lead us to recording up to six episodes a week. With work, family, etc. that is REALLY hard to fit into our schedules.

That said, we don’t want to write off anything that we’re currently doing. So, the decision has been made to condense and consolidate some of our content.

The initial thought is that we’ll keep our Pitt programming exactly the same as we did in Year 1 of the podcast and so far in Year 2. For Pitt football, we’ll have your preview episodes available on Wednesday mornings and recaps available on Monday mornings. When Pitt basketball starts up, we’ll include that in the episodes as well.

As for the Steelers, Penguins, and Pirates, we’ve decided to group them all together into one episode. This is a pro sports town, and generally speaking a fan of one of these teams is typically a fan of at least one of the others as well, if not all of them. That thought of ours was backed up by the feedback we received in our survey. Some people said we could shorten some pro sports episodes. Some people said lump them all together into one.

We’ve decided to do both.

Moving forward we’ll still talk Steelers and have episodes available on Mondays and Thursdays just like always, but we’ll throw some Penguins in there as well. As the seasons change, we’ll rotate through and talk about any headlines from these teams that interest us, as fans.

And that’s the thing that won’t be changing: Talking from the perspective of a fan.

We received quite a few comments that said you guys appreciate the perspective we speak from. The tagline for our podcast is “Pittsburgh sports from a fan’s perspective.” We’ll hold true to that.

The goal is not and will not be to become a replica of a radio station or other new outlet. Those outlets in this town, for the most part, really suck. None of it’s fun. None of it’s original anymore. None of it’s on a level we can relate to.

We started this podcast because of all of those things, and decided to start something we’d be interested in listening to. I think that’s why a lot of podcasts become successful.

Success for us is defined in different ways. We hope the podcast can eventually DO something impactful. If/when we get to that point, we’re excited to share more on those goals.

Hopefully we’ll be successful some day, too! But we’re having a ton of fun, and think these changes will continue to provide that for us, and hopefully for you as well.

Thanks so much, and we’ll be talking to yinz again soon!



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