My Take: Previewing Steelers-Browns

This is gonna be short and sweet.

Just like we said in our preview of this game, there’s not much of the X’s and O’s to break down. The Steelers need to man up, get motivated, and beat an incredibly shitty football team.

If they can’t do that, well… might be time to sign off for the season.


As is tradition with the Steelers, we’re unsure of the status of certain players. With HeyBey out, will Sammie Coates and/or Markus Wheaton return? Will Ladarius Green be good to go? How will Maurkice Pouncey’s finger hold up?

That said, even with so many question marks, the talent on this offense alone should be good enough to get the job done. Feed Le’Veon Bell. Feed Antonio Brown. Protect Ben. Win.

It really should be as simple as that.

But as we know… Nothing is ever guaranteed when the Steelers go up against a sub-.500 opponent (literally the dumbest yet truest statement ever).


This is where it gets more tricky. I fully believe the Steelers defense is incapable of mastering the fundamentals.

Tackling? Nope.

Scheme? Nope.

Awareness? Nope.

On top of that, one of two defensive players I can actually believe in (Cam Heyward) is out for the season. That leaves Ryan Shazier with a litany of young players that don’t know what they’re doing and old players that are a step too slow.

It’s embarrassing that James Harrison is probably the most talented pass rusher on the team. There’s little to write home about in the linebacking corps.

All of that said… The Browns absolutely suck.

Yes, Terrelle Pryor is talented and has burned the Steelers in the past. And yes, Cody Kessler has looked OK in a few starts with Cleveland.

But this offense shouldn’t be able to gash the Steelers. It shouldn’t be able to keep up with our offense, meaning the defense should have enough stops in them to win the game

Special Teams

As Daya would say… Don’t let me down, Boswell.

That was the lamest thing I’ve ever written. Dan would probably love it.

But seriously, he’s been a little less reliable so far this season.

A simple way to let lesser teams hang around in games is to give up big plays in the return game. The Steelers haven’t shown me much to think they’ll allow something like that on Sunday, but keeping it that way is what’s important.


Again, this was short and sweet for a reason. I barely talked about the Browns because this game has nothing to do with the Browns. The Browns are crap.

The Steelers need to figure out what they do well, again. Play like a functional football team, and win a game you sorely need.

Steelers win.



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