The Browns Suck; Recapping a Steelers Win & the Pens’ Week

The Steelers beat Cleveland on Sunday, and Chris and Dan are conflicted in how to view the game. Chris thinks it was mostly due to the Browns being terrible. Dan has a more optimistic viewpoint. Hear both of their takes in Episode 188! We break down both sides of the ball, and in the end discuss how big of a game this was for the Steelers, if for nothing else to halt a long losing streak.

Then we get into the Penguins’ week. What do you take out of getting blown out by Washington? Is there any cause for concern? We debate those questions, and look at other performances at the Islanders and Sabres. Dan also gives us the scoop on the Penguins 50th anniversary movie. There’s been a ton of hype surrounding this film, and Dan let’s us know whether or not the hype is warranted. All that, and more, in Episode 188!


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