Searching For an Identity; Pitt Blown Out by OK State

This week was rough. Pitt got blown out and looked terrible in just about every facet of the game against Oklahoma State. With that said, we do our best to try and figure out what Pitt is, and what Pitt isn’t, through three games. We break down offense, defense, special teams, and coaching, and we also do a lot of searching for answers. All that — plus listener voicemails, texts, and tweets — are straight ahead, in Episode 256!


Mistakes in Happy Valley; Pitt Loses to Penn State

Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes. That sums up Pitt’s afternoon at Penn State. Amidst quite a few encouraging factors, Pitt was its own worst enemy in a 33-14 loss. Max Browne struggled, the offense couldn’t punch the ball in the endzone from the redzone, and the game plan was weird. Chris breaks it down this week from his perspective, along with in-game voicemails from he and Dan throughout the game. We have instant reaction from listeners, too, with our first installment of Pitt reverbs. That, plus texts, tweets, and calling James Franklin a jackass — plus more — await in Episode 255! #H2P

PROGRAMMING UPDATE: We’re a Pitt Podcast Now

Well, we’re in our third year of podcasting now, and one thing has become crystal clear:

Our Pitt episodes are by far the most popular content we record. On top of that, they’re the ones we enjoy most, too. Take that, add in some other life stuff, and it is time to make a change.

What life stuff, you ask? Well, just like most other people in their late-20’s/early-30’s, we have careers and demands that are only increasing. Add to that family, relationships, grad school, weddings … You get the picture.

Our time has become more limited, but we don’t want that to mean the end of podcasting. Instead, we’d like to focus on the best possible content we can produce.

From this point forward, the channel that you’re currently subscribed to will be all Pitt content, 365 days of the year. For now, we’ll focus on one episode a week on average. If the situation warrants more or less, we’ll react accordingly.

In addition to this change on our channel, we plan on continuing to podcast about Pittsburgh Penguins hockey as well. We’ll have more details on that later.

So, nothing should change for you, the listener, other than we hope you’ll enjoy our episodes even more, and perhaps you’ll subscribe now that you know it’s all Pitt, all the time.

What we’d really like to ask of you is if you could share this news with a friend … Whether you share this link, or the link to our podcast channel, via Twitter, Facebook, text, etc., helping us spread the word is key. We want as many Pitt fans as possible to jump on board.

Find us on iTunesSoundCloudGoogle Play, and Stitcher, and be sure to check back regularly for new episodes!



Wrapping Up Training Camp; Previewing Pitt-Youngstown State

It’s officially college football season! The long offseason is over. We wrap up training camp by going over all of the final storylines from last week. Then, we turn our sights toward Week 1 and Youngstown State. Here’s a full breakdown of this week’s topics:

  • Paris Ford showed up to camp. Will he redshirt? Will he play?
  • Max Browne named starter at QB; Dinucci the backup
  • Browne, Jester Weah, Avonte Maddox, Dennis Briggs named captains
  • AP Poll is out. Pitt has No. 6 PSU, No. 10 OK State, No. 18 Miami, No. 21 VT on the schedule. How many of those games will Pitt win?
  • Sweet Caroline will no longer be played between the 3rd and 4th quarters.
  • Marquis Williams and David Green commit to Pitt.
  • What do you want to see from Pitt in week 1?
  • Revisiting our predictions and reaction from last week.

All that, and more, in Episode 253!

Pitt Season Predictions

We’re back with one of the most fun episodes we do all year… Pitt season predictions! It’s time to break down each and every Pitt game on the schedule and make our picks for how Pitt’s season will play out. As is tradition, we scare ourselves along the way with how well we have Pitt doing at certain points. We also dive into the rest of the ACC and declare our winners for the Atlantic and Coastal divisions. All that, and more (including a spirited talk about rice cakes), in Episode 252!

Injuries, Suspensions, Position Battles, & Paris Ford

Dan is back from the great white north. Chris found some time where he wasn’t planning a wedding. Together, we got together to record the most impactful Pitt training camp podcast episode of all time. Naturally, we spent the first 10 minutes making fun of Jay Cutler and Tony Romo.

Then, we got into it, talking about suspensions to Jordan Whitehead, Quinton Wirginis, Alex Bookser, and Aaron Matthews, along with Rori Blair’s dismissal. What affect will those have on the team? How do you feel about Pat Narduzzi as this program’s coach? We discuss, then move on to something equally depressing: injuries. George Aston is on crutches. So is Phillippie Motley. Several others are banged up. After that, we ponder whether we’ll ever hear the official word about Paris Ford’s eligibility, and then wrap things up discussing position battles at quarterback and running back.

That, plus debating what Heather Lyke is putting on top of the Cathedral of Learning, and more, in Episode 251!

Rapid Fire Offseason Pens Mash Up

We’ve been so busy Schultz Chugging since the Pens won the Cup, we forgot to record another episode! With that, we’re here to run through all of the hot topics since the offseason started. The draft, free agency, trades, etc. We cover it all.

Here’s a list of everything we’ve got going on in Episode 250!

  • Pouliot, Archibald signed to new one-way deals
  • Tocchet to Arizona, Recchi to behind the bench, Gonchar promoted to full-time defensive coach.
  • Ron Cook says Kessel will be traded. Rutherford says he can’t foresee it. Of course, social media imploded.
  • Sheary, Dumolin headed to arbitration. Pens expected to have about $2.2 mil in cap space after that. Still need 3rd line center.
  • Trade rumors for 3rd line center: Duchene, J Staal, E Staal, etc.
  • Schultz gets long-term deal.
  • Ryan Reaves + second round pick for Sundqvist + 1st round pick at the draft

Pitt Mailbag; Depth Chart, Paris Ford, BUTT, & More

It’s been long enough. We’re back, and it’s time to kick off our 2017 Pitt football season coverage! We’ve been out of the loop for a while, so it’s time to recap quite a few topics. We also run through a ton of topics that have been sitting in our mail bag since we last recorded. Here’s a list of all the topics we discuss in Episode 249!

  • ACC Media days, Pitt depth chart released for training camp
  • Tre Tipton injury
  • Recruiting has been going well
  • Paris Ford may or may not be eligible for Fall
  • Way too early season predictions are out. Pitt seems to fall in between 6-6 and 8-4 per most services.
  • Penn State made BUTT shirts. Related: PSU blogs continue to be hilarious trash.
  • MAIL BAHHHG! Texts/Tweets/Email

Back to Square One; Pens-Preds Tied 2-2

Well, we’re back to where we started this thing. Only now, it’s a best of three. Luckily, the Penguins have home-ice advantage, which is a good thing, considering neither team has won on the road. We’re here to discuss all things relevant from Games 3 & 4, and then we set our sights on Game 5. Check out all of the topics we discussed below!

  • General Game 3 & Game 4 thoughts
  • Murray’s performances in Games 3 & 4
  • The Fleury debate
  • Pekka Rinne’s turnaround
  • Atmosphere in Nashville
  • Evaluating the Penguins forwards, defensemen, and Mike Sullivan’s attempts to create difference in production after a loss
  • What lineup/line changes should/need to be made?
  • Analyzing the impact of Bonino injury
  • Evaluating Nashville’s change in offensive production
  • What needs to happen for the Pens to take control of this series?
  • Predictions for Game 5
  • Twitter predictions and reaction

Leaky Pekka; Pens Take 2-0 SCF Series Lead

The Penguins are up 2 games to none in some of the weirder hockey we’ve watched all season. There’s lots to talk about, and honestly it’s probably easiest to break it all down for you via bullet points. Check out all the topics below, and enjoy Episode 246!

  • General Game 1 & Game 2 thoughts
  • Preds controlling/getting better of play/possession
  • Goaltender battle: Murray vs. Rinne
  • Who will be in net for Nashville in Game 3? Rinne or Saros?
  • Subban vs. Malkin fight
  • Officiating non-calls and how they’ve let the game be played; Offsides Reviews
  • Reaction out of Nashville on catfish throwing, officiating, calling the system rigged, and bashing Penguins fans
  • Evaluating the Penguins forwards, defensemen, and Mike Sullivan’s touch of gold
  • Evaluating Nashville’s production, or lack thereof, throughout the lineup
  • Stats on Jake Guentzel’s historic ride, the Pengins’ shooting percentage, and good vibes about starting 2-0 in a series
  • Predictions on Games 3 & 4