Wrapping Up Pitt-Duke

This one was about as relaxing as it gets in 2016 for Pitt football, and I hope you enjoyed that one because the Syracuse game will probably be far more stressful.

For a season that has had seemingly every game go down to the wire, it was a joy to watch a blowout. The offense remains incredible. The defense stepped up.

It was as good as it gets, and hopefully a preview of things to come.

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My Take: Pitt-Duke

I feel like I know what a lot of Pitt fans are thinking this week.

“It would be so ‘typical Pitt’ to beat Clemson and lose at home to Duke the following week.”

Perhaps I’m wrong about that. If I’m right, I get it. We’ve been treated to our fair share of confusing losses over the years.

But I don’t think Saturday will be one of them. Pitt is too good offensively. Let’s break it down.

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An Experience I’ll Never Forget; Pitt Beats Clemson

What can I say here that hasn’t already been said?

Pitt beating Clemson was one for the ages. I can’t explain how fortunate I feel to have been able to travel down to South Carolina for the game. This one, along with 13-9, are memories I’ll have for my entire life. To be at both is something I don’t feel many people can claim.

But honestly, this whole week kind of felt like the 13-9 week. Nobody was giving Pitt a chance against Clemson. The Panthers had to go on the road to No. 2 late in the season as a 20-plus-point underdog. All signs pointed toward the Tigers getting a win and continuing their push toward the College Football Playoff.

Pitt was having none of that.

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My Take: Pitt at Clemson

What’s up everybody!?

Chris here with something new that I hope can continue on… More blogs.

Since we’ve adjusted our recording strategy a bit, it should hopefully free up more time to blog about things. And since we didn’t record a Pitt-Clemson preview this week, I figured I might as well take advantage and write out some random thoughts on the game.

Let’s break it down kind of how we normally do in our preview episodes…

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An Optimistic Look at the Road Ahead for Pitt

I’ve seen and heard a lot of the same sentiment lately: “If Pitt can win one out of the next three, that will be great.”

While I can’t completely disagree (one win out of the next three would probably set Pitt on course to win eight games this season — not bad), I think Pitt has a chance to maybe do something a little more special.

By now, if you’ve read or listened to anything I put out there, you know I’m an eternal Pitt optimist. I admit that, so I naturally have a bit of a bias here.

But when I look ahead at the next three games, there’s nothing in front of Pitt that screams “definite loss.”

Yes, Virginia Tech, Miami, and Clemson are good football teams. Clemson is very good. If Pitt lost to all of them, I wouldn’t be shocked. But all of them have their flaws.

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