The Top 5 Most Annoying Fan Bases, as Told by Pitt Fans

What’s there to do when college football season is seven months away? Rank the most annoying fan bases! And that’s just what we’ve done in our latest Pitt episode. Penn State? West Virginia? Notre Dame? Where do they, and many others, rank? We debate and discuss!

We also dig into the week that was in Panther basketball, and we talk about Pitt’s chances at the NCAA Tournament. That’s right… they might not be done just yet! That’s thanks to a big win against Florida State on Saturday.

We also talk some Pitt football and react to the hiring of Charlie Partridge. has also done a few offseason football articles that mention Pitt, so we talk linebackers, quarterbacks, and offensive coordinator Shawn Watson. All that, and more, in Episode 222!

Pens Struggle, More Trade Rumors, & Lawrence Timmons

We’re back with another episode of the Chris and Dan Podcast, and this time around we’re focusing on the Penguins and Steelers! We start off talking about the Penguins’ recent struggles against lesser competition. Injuries definitely played a part, but we break down each of the last three games. We also dive head first into more trade rumors. Marc-Andre Fleury headlines the discussion once again. Then we transition into some Steelers talk, and we focus on whether or not the Steelers should bring back Lawrence Timmons. All that, and more, in Episode 221!

WE WON! TWICE!! Also Football Schedule & Rooting Interests

We’re back with another Pitt episode of the Chris and Dan Podcast! In this episode, we get to actually revel in two Pitt basketball wins. TWO!! It’s been a while, so we choose to start things out with basketball, rather than pushing it off to the end (as we’ve done for weeks on end). It’s just great to see a win again. We also talk about Pitt football’s non-conference schedule being ranked toughest in the country, and we debate whether or not we can root for Pitt alums that end up playing for professional teams that we hate. All that, and more, in Episode 220!

Three Big Pens Wins, Fleury Trade Rumors, & Steelers/Pirates News

The Pens returned from the All-Star break in strong form, winning games against Nashville, Columbus, and St. Louis. We talk a bit about each game and focus on what a win against the Blue Jackets might mean, and whether or not this series is becoming a real rivalry. We also break down Marc-Andre Fleury’s start against the Blues, and discuss more trade rumors involving him and the Dallas Stars.

Before wrapping things up, we also discuss Art Rooney II’s comments on Le’Veon Bell, Antonio Brown, Ben Roethlisberger, and Martavis Bryant, and then we talk about Clint Hurdle’s announcement of outfield position changes for the Pirates. All that, and more, in Episode 219!

Pitt Signing Day, a New OC, Basketball Recruiting & NC Road Trip

AND WE’RE BAAACCCKKK!!! National Signing Day came and past, and we’re super pumped with the results! Pat Narduzzi and company pulled in a solid class, and we break it down position by position. We also talk about another new addition: new offensive coordinator Shawn Watson! What’s the reaction and potential impact he’ll make at Pitt? We debate. We also talk about Tom Sims’ departure from the Pitt coaching staff, and then we transition into reader e-mails, the current state of Pitt basketball recruiting, and two losses this week to UNC and Duke. All that, and more, in Episode 218!

Just Pooh — Pitt Recruiting, Schedule Release, & Basketball Woes

It’s time to talk about the real issues, like what the hell “Pooh to Pitt” meant. Pitt football leads the way again in this episode, as we try and avoid talking about the basketball team. The 2017 football schedule came out, so we break that down and preview the state of things as National Signing Day nears. Then, it’s time to talk basketball… Things aren’t good. We try and figure out who’s to blame for this messy situation. All that, and more, in Episode 216!

Pitt Recruiting Heats Up; Basketball Dealt Another ‘L’

We’re doing everything we can to avoid talking about Pitt basketball right now, so in Episode 214 we cover it all: football recruiting, the best spices for your food, road rage, etc. Pat Narduzzi earned a few more verbal recruits this past week, and things appear to be going in the right direction. Not so much for Kevin Stallings and the basketball team, though. A loss to N.C. State makes it even harder to imagine this team makes the NCAA Tournament. We dig into it all, and more, in Episode 214!

Steelers Beat Chiefs, Move on to AFC Championship!

Sunday night was excruciating, painful, confusing, and in the end, glorious. The Steelers defeated Kansas City, 18-16, thanks to six field goals from the Wizard of Boz, Chris Boswell. And now, it’s on to New England for the AFC Championship game! We break the entire game down — from the offense that couldn’t finish, to the defense that was stellar, to the special teams that was shockingly good — in this episode. Chris thought the game was over in the first quarter. He declared it a Steelers loss in the fourth quarter. Dan, on the other hand, was more optimistic. In the end, we’re both pumped and sit down for a fun hour of Steelers talk! All that, and more, in Episode 212!